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THE AIM® Mission Statement

The mission of the AIM companies is to improve the quality and productivity of people's lives by promoting the "Healthy Cell Concept" and the highest principles of free enterprise. This mission is further refined in the AIM core values, which reflect what must be realized to succeed. They include Respect for the Individual, Commitment to Excellence, Dedication to Customer Service, Success through Personal Initiative

AIM the Company and an Outstanding Business Opportunity

AIMBased in Nampa, Idaho, AIM International has grown from a small handful of independent sales reps selling a single product to a natural health products and nutritional supplement company with 150 employees and over 100,000 independent distributors. These Members, who make up the company's direct-sales force, are located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. Work is in progress to add additional countries. Today, AIM is one of the leading sellers of whole-food nutritional supplements in the world.

The company has gone through its growing pains, but has remained profitable since its founding. Now, with the market for nutritional supplements at $17 billion annually and expected to double in the next 10 years, and with a growing momentum not only for health-focused consumer products in general, but in AIM's product line in particular, management is preparing itself for its next round of rapid growth, both domestically and overseas. And still the vision is too big for one lifetime.

Here are a few things that makes AIM outstanding

  1. AIM celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007.
  2. AIM's executive team has over 45 years of combined experience in network marketing and while aggressive is committed to maintaining the fiscal stability of the company.
  3. The product line consists of only the highest quality products in unique formulations.
  4. AIM is debt free. In fact, AIM holds the highest Dun and Bradstreet rating possible.
  5. AIM has Marketing and Member Training departments dedicated to providing the finest training and marketing tools possible.
  6. AIM is now utilizing a unique telebridge system that Members to join hour long classes over the phone. Education right from your home - you don't even have to get dressed up!
  7. Every AIM Member may buy directly from AIM.
  8. All commissions and bonuses are paid directly to our Members by AIM.
  9. AIM is operating in several countries, with a new focus on international growth. Growth at a rate that provides the exceptional service that AIM Members now enjoy. As an AIM Member you can sponsor and build downline in Australia, Canada,  New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the USA. With the focus on international growth you can expect to see AIM operating in additional countries soon.


  1. Commissions are based on personal and group volumes.
  2. AIM offers free membership with a 50 point order ($50 or more), and even reduces the need to purchase inventories since Members may have the company drop-ship product directly to customers at no extra cost!
  3. Permanent promotions coupled with 3 month accumulation of points for promotion purposes makes AIM a leader in this area.
  4. AIM's bonus structure again focuses exclusively on the volume sold. AIM's bonus structure is one of the most generous and realistic in the industry.
  5. The income potential in AIM is directly linked to personal initiative. It does take hard work to build a thriving AIM business, but hundreds of AIM Members have demonstrated that hard work does bring long-lasting financial rewards.
  6. The five Growth Phase steps on AIM's Ladder of Opportunity make it possible for new Members to begin earning commissions very early in their AIM experience.
  7. AIM's new bonuses provide generous rewards for Members who build wide (personally sponsored Members) and deep (many levels of Members) and teach their Members to do the same. As these "wide and deep" organizations are built, volumes grow and the rewards are substantial. More Information on the AIM Compensation Plan.
  8. SMART START PROGRAM: Every Member will earn a 20% bonus on the points of the first order of each new Member they sign-up (or sponsor) - every month. For example, if you sign-up a new Member who purchases 100 points of product, you will earn $20.00. If they purchase 300 points of product you earn $60.00 The sponsor has to have a personal qualifying order in the same month. The amount to qualify is determined by your title and the AIM Compensation Plan. If you are a new Member or Preferred Member, any personal purchase qualifies you to earn this bonus. Express Customers must become Members to participate, which is highly recommended as Member prices are 10% better anyway.

AIM Business Potential

The AIM business offers folks the opportunity to building a thriving business from the ground up. It is not a get rich quick scheme by any means. It does take consistant effort to build a thriving AIM business, it starts slow at first and then accelerates as you sponsor others who become willing to share the products with others. A wise man once wrote, "The hand of the diligent tends to plenty." Hundreds of AIM Members have demonstrated that the hand of the diligent does bring long-lasting financial rewards and freedom in addition to the satisfaction of seeing the quality of others lives improve. Read some success stories here.

Wholesale prices are just the beginning of what could be a great business opportunity.

Consider the following benefits of AIM Membership

  1. Orders can be placed by Phone, FAX (both TOLL FREE), or Mail
  2. All orders are shipped with 24 hours (excluding weekends)
  3. Payment can be by Personal Check, Visa, Discover or Mastercard or by Automatic Check Transfer Account
  4. New Members can be signed up with a phone call
  5. All consumable AIM products have a %100 money-back guarantee
  6. A variety of marketing tools are available to make it easy for you to build your business
  7. Shipping and handling is free for with minimum orders or a small handling charge (shipping methods and charges vary from country to country)
  8. Member Commission checks are mailed from AIM each month as your business grows
  9. The products truly are outstanding and the AIM Wholesale Member support group is unprecedented.
  10. The AIM magazine "Partners" is sent to your home six times per year free of charge.
  11. You can sponsor Members building downline organizations in Australia, Canada,  New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the USA. A number of new countries are being worked right now.

Upon becoming a Member you will be sent a "Getting Started With AIM" kit. This kit includes many valuable coupons and a Snap Shots DVD featuring every AIM product.

To become an AIM MEMBER you can call us or click here to sign up ONLINE (and order product if desired). When you sign up with us you will not only get our support but that of our upline sponsors also.


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