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AIM for your exercise habit!

by Debbi Lawrence

?With age comes wisdom? is an old adage that can only be completely true when we are wise enough to understand that staying physically fit fights aging.

It?s never too late to begin an exercise program and as AIM Members, we really have no excuse not to exercise. We take AIM products. They nourish our cells and this gives our bodies great energy. But how are you using your extra energy? Are you paying yourself first? Are you giving your body the physical activity that it craves?the type of physical activity that increases oxygen to the cells and lowers dangerous body fat levels?

Exercise is an investment in you. It is a big hug that you give yourself. Exercise says, ?I love myself and value my purpose on this planet.?

?How do I begin,? you ask? ?There are only 24 hours in a day and with appointments to schedule, family obligations, ongoing projects, and necessary time for sleep, it becomes impossible to add anything else!?

Okay, here?s the trick for the first week: make a deal with yourself to exercise every morning?five minutes, first thing out of bed. No one (not even you) will notice you have lost five minutes of beauty rest. No sleep rhythms are disturbed; just set the alarm five minutes earlier. The objective in this ?five-a-day? phase is to alleviate excuses and prove to yourself that you can make time for exercise. Five minutes will not build endurance or burn fat, but it will help you aim toward developing an exercise habit.

?What can I do in just five minutes?? Begin the morning with a few gentle body stretches and follow with gradual intensity exercise such as jogging on the basement steps, bouncing on a rebounder or pedaling fast on an exercise bike. Do a different exercise each day and add strength training every other day.

During Week Two, add three to five minutes per day, and add minutes again, on Week Three. In approximately 21 days, the exercise habit will be established. You?ve managed to carve out a time for your physical fitness routine.

The greatest obstacle in beginning an exercise program is finding and taking time for you. You are worth it! Decide now to overcome your obstacles. Next, take AIM BarleyLife? and hit the showers for a great start to the day!


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