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AIM Barleygreen 7 ounce
american image marketingBARLEYLIFE REPLACES american image marketing, AIM BarleygreenBARLEYGREEN

AIM Barleygreen is history.

  • AIM Barleygreen - 1982-2005
  • Final AIM Barleygreen expiration date April 2005
  • As of 4-2005 AIM Barleygreen is no longer available
  • AIM Barleygreen has been replaced with AIM BarleyLife
  • AIM BarleyLife is much more affordable
    • AIM Barleygreen USA Member price was $43 for 10.5oz
    • AIM BarleyLife    USA Member price  is   $30 for 10.58oz
  • Taste - AIM BarleyLife tastes much better than AIM Barleygreen did
  • Nutrient density - AIM BarleyLife is dramatically denser nutritionally
  • Results - BarleyLife users are reporting better results.

AIM Barleygreen 7oz, 10.5oz, Caplets, Japanese Barleygreen      In 1982 Dennis Itami, Ron Wright and Jim Kling started a company called American Image Marketing (AIM) and began telling everyone about Barleygreen. (A green powder made from the juice of young barley leaves, invented by Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara.) Working diligently AIM Members spread the word about Barleygreen for the next twenty years to thousands across north American and around the world. If you heard about Barleygreen in the 80's or 90's it was because of an AIM Member or customer. However in the mid to late 1990's Barleygreen users found that they had to use more and more of this green powder to see the results they had learned to appreciate. Because of this AIM created a database to track Member and customer feedback. The results were alarming and sent AIM on a mission to start over and make a higher quality and more affordable barley juice powder.

BarleyLife, BARLEYLIFE, barleylife AIMThrough extensive research, divine connections and a number of witty inventions AIM succeeded in creating the highest quality lowest cost barley juice powder available. BarleyLife was introduced to the market in July of 2002 in Hawaii. Although very good nutritionally, this initial BarleyLife powder was a little too bitter for some.AIM BarleyLife, Organic BarleyLife, BarleyLife Capsules, BarleyLife Xtra With a commitment to constantly improving BarleyLife, AIM invested in advance processing technology which has resulted in what we believe is the best tasting barley juice powder available. This was done while maintaining BarleyLife's tremendous nutritional density. Thousands of AIM Members have excitedly said yes to AIM BarleyLife and goodbye to AIM Barleygreen and are seeing better results.

   A special tribute to Dr Yoshihide Hagiwara for his tremendous contributions in scientific research and development that led to the creation of Barleygreen. Dr Hagiwara died in the spring of 2004 after falling sick during a legal battle over his company. Thank you Dr Hagiwara, we will forever be grateful for your contributions.

AIM BarleyLife information.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The nutritional increase from AIM Barleygreen to AIM BarleyLife is astounding. Looking at just a few nutrients; Protein, Calcium and Chlorophyll increased by more than 2 times and Beta Carotene increased 5 times. Superoxide Dismutase, an enzyme measured to assure enzyme activity increased as much as 5 times. Overall antioxidant activity increased as much as 12 times. The antioxidant Lutonarin (7-O-GIO) was measured 22 times higher in BarleyLife then what it was in AIM Barleygreen. Price wise, BarleyLife is over 30% less than AIM Barleygreen. (If you factor in the increased nutritional density, BarleyLife would cost 65% less.) BarleyLife is also a denser/heavier powder. One tablespoon of Barleygreen weighed 5 grams whereas it only takes two teaspoons of BarleyLife to weigh 5 grams. So less is required for better results.

Ingredients Comparison
AIM BarleyLife Powder: Juice of young barley plants (powdered), maltodextrin, whole kelp.
AIM Barleygreen Powder: Juice of young barley plants (powdered), maltodextrin, ashed kelp.    

BarleyLife is also available in veggie capsules whereas AIM Barleygreen was available in compressed caplets. Better results are seen with the capsules.
Looking for something Substantially Better?
Try BarleyLife!
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