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HumiKleanse - Humifulvate Heavy Metal Detox

Humikleanse heavy metal detox, reduce mercury, lead cadmium etc.
  • Helps to remove toxic substances such as heavy metals from the body
  • Helps to increase the uptake and retention of trace elements, such as iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium
  • Increase energy through improved oxygen transport
  • Helps to maintain and support the body's immune system
  • Contains 75mg humifulvate
  • Use for a minimum of five consecutive weeks.
  • Drink 10 or more glasses of pure water daily to effectively eliminate toxins.
  • Use for a minimum of five consecutive weeks.
  • Each jar contains 30 capsules for 30 day use.
  • Each capsule 75mg humifulvate which is the recommended daily amount
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