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What you eat directly affects your health.
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Veggie Juice
Garden Trio

Colon Cleansing Herbal Fiberblend

Para 90 

Hormone Balance Renewed Balance

Menopause Formula RevitaFem

 Peak Endurance

Alpine Garlic
Bear Paw Garlic

CoQ10 Plus
CellSparc 360

Magnesium & DHEA
Cell Wellness Restorer

Chromium for blood sugar regulation GlucoChrome


Herbs for Stress Composure

Helpful Bacteria FloraFood

Glucosamine & MSM
Frame Essentials

Ginko Sense  

Carrot Juice
Just Carrots

Digestive Enzymes Prepzymes

Digestive & Lymphatic
Herbal Release

Antioxidants Proancynol 2000

Prostate Health ReAssure

Beet Juice
Redi Beets

Omega Fatty Acids


american image marketingBARLEYLIFE Made from the juice of young barley leaves, BarleyLife contains a wide spectrum of naturally occuring nutrients, vitamins, mineral, enzymes, protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants and more. By simply mixing a teaspoon of BarleyLife in a glass of water or in your favorite juice, you can conveniently experience what no other nutritional product has to offer. It is simply the best barley juice product available. Testimonies of nutritional benefits abound from around the world.  BarleyLife Information.

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HERBAL FIBERBLEND - 17 different Herbs in a psyllium base. Outstanding for cleansing the colon without fasting and colonic irrigation. Results in a balanced assimilation of food and a more thorough evacuation of waste. Fights parasitic infestation and more. 
Herbal Fiberblend info

Listen to audios:
Cleansing For Health
Toni Schumacher and Toni Lund
The Parasite Menace 
Skye Weintraub

RENEWED BALANCE - Made from natural ingredients this cream is USP natural progesterone, which is the same as the progesterone produced by the body. It is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It may help your body keep estrogen and progesterone levels in balance, resulting in relief from many of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. For more information on Renewed Balance click here.

JUST CARROTS - All the nutrition of freshly juiced carrots without the hassle of juicing! Simply mix the crystals with water or pop a few caplets. Thousands of juicers get stored away in closets when folks realize they don't have at least 30 minutes a day to juice carrots. Even for those who do juice each day, Just Carrots provides a way to have carrot juice at work or when out of town. Try Just Carrots mixed with Barleygreen. For more information on Just Carrots click here.

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Money Back Guarantee
Try our AIM products at no risk! Purchase a product and use the entire jar and experience the benefits. If you are not completely satisfied simply save the container and contact us within 30 days and you will receive a refund. If you are not satisfied beyond 30 days we may be able to replace the product you purchased with another product. Shipping fees (if any) are not included. Policy covers one opened product and additional unopened product for 30 days from the date of purchase. Contact us if you have a product concern or issue before returning the product.


american image marketingBarleyLife
A Super Food!

Herbal Fiberblend
for digestive health

Renewed Balance
Natural Progesterone

Just Carrots ™ 
Carrot Juice without juicing

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